Ron Morley's Freedom Blog

This is the place where I do my little bit to explain the evils of the State.

Why I'm here

I post here because freedom in America is under attack as it never has been before.  Everywhere one turns, it seems, one is bombarded with the State's propaganda: one is told how benevolent the State is, how the State is the fount of all wisdom and goodness, and how much the State will "give" to you.  Left unsaid is any mention of the evils perpetrated by the State; wars, excessive taxation, restrictions on how one may live one's life, regulation of the smallest aspects of that live, and the expectation that one will passively accept the intrusions that the State continues to make in one's life.  The United States is no longer a free nation in the sense that our Founding Fathers intended.  Everywhere one looks one sees evidence of the power of the State.  The fact that, in general, the actions of the Federal government are not overtly coercive leads many people to believe the politicians who continue to prattle on about how important freedom and liberty is in the U.S.; while they work to ensure that liberty is infringed at every turn.  Politicians in America have mastered the art of the "Big Lie" so well that they'd make Goebbels proud.  It is time that Americans wake up and shake off the shackles imposed on them by the State and it is my hope that the Tea Parties we've seen recently are the start of such a movement.