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Critic culture and the nature of power and institutional tensions

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vive la insurrection Posted: Sun, Mar 24 2013 2:24 AM

The mere fact that people can organize and influence people under phenomena like socialism, X culture,(blank)ism, or whatever ought to be a fundamental aknowledgment when thinking about any social theory.  The fact that it is (as a phenomena, fashion, custom, or whatever) is what is important and an Austrian minded thinker should never lose sight of this.  Expectations and institutions have to be taken more seriously to get a fuller and more robust view of an economic picture. 

There is a very good tradition of this sort well within the Austrian framework: Menger, Weber, Schutz (maybe, I never read him), Wiser, and Lachmann all saw this as a critical aspect to social theory - and I think Hayek and Mises writings on intellectuals may actually point in this direction  when examined while illustrating  the methodological individualistic aspects of praxeology and it's relationship to institutions.

"As in a kaleidoscope, the constellation of forces operating in the system as a whole is ever changing." - Ludwig Lachmann

"When A Man Dies A World Goes Out of Existence"  - GLS Shackle

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