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Some new predictions

Or maybe it's just one.

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I'm not suprised that Mr FUD was re-elected. I expect the same (a re-election) next year for our Bundeskanzlerin Merkel.

If the FDP will not be in the German Bundestag again. The CDU will either work together with the SPD (again) or the Greens. There is not much a difference between the "beliefs" of both parties. The C in CDU and CSU stands for christian and the religion of the greens is "mother nature", you can easy replace mother nature with god and are "through with it".

In 2013 we probably will see a much higher deficit in Germany. This is of course bribe of the CDU to get voted. The SPD is a little bit in trouble with Mr Steinbr├╝ck, but Merkel and Steinbr├╝ck have worked together before, and so you can bet, it's not too hard to to it again.

It's also clear that they are running short on other peoples money. And so I guess we'll see some new taxes or extra taxes. I'm sure they will try to avoid it till November 2013, but after the election, it will not take long.