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  • Re: Agorism

    Maxliberty: So counter-economic activity at best only has a minimal effect on undermining the state no matter how much of it is occurring. Is that what you are saying? No, obviously, if everyone refused to pay taxes, then the state would crumble under...
    by David Z
  • Re: Austrianism = unscientific

    I am an Engineer. I will tell you this. To predict an outcome you must understand the fundamental principles underlying the topic under consideration. The principles of chemistry, physics, thermodynamics, electronics, etc.. are all logically derived from...
  • Re: Bibilical defense of Market Anarchy?

    Actually, banned, it's all the same, if thought out deeply enough. What you're describing is flawed humans' tendency to not consider things intensely enough. Existence has an unavoidable morality built into it. The good news is that libertarianism...
  • Re: devaluation is good for society

    I miss a lot from being located in China, everyone posts all day and I have to read a whole day at a time. Martinglake - I feel that I need to delve your understanding of some issues. First, the basic premise of Austrian economic theory is that "Humans...
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