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November 2007 - Posts

To begin my Austrian blog about language relating to Austrian economics, I will first touch on taxation. Specifically, how do people talk about taxes?

First, people always ascribe an adjective to some sort of taxation. I state this because adjectives limit nouns; so, taxes are always limited by the way people speak about a sales tax, income tax, et cetera. It's rarely about taxation devoid of limitations; that is,  no taxation, which is what we ultimately should want.

Second,  it's curious that one of the adjectival taxations people mention is lower taxes. Not necessarily a removal of any taxes. People just want the percent of which they're currently taxed to be decreased, not the percentage of taxes in total. There's a difference between percent and percentage, and when speaking about taxes we should say fewer taxes.

 And, of course, lower taxation on those fewer taxes Smile