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October 2008 - Posts

I concede. I don't vote because of apathy. That is, a real lack of pathos for the racket that is the state. I hold no general pathetic feeling, only that it is pathetic in the pejorative sense.

Many feathers are ruffled over the squawk of not voting. It's an important 'right'; some hold it the most sacred. So why do these people not correlate the 'right to vote' with other 'rights'? That is, the right to speak freely includes the right to not speak at all. How powerful were silent protests!, some people think. So should not the right to vote include the right to not vote? "I will give this matter no attention by speaking no more!" and I will give the state no attention by voting no more.

But why are those so adamant about voting not so adamant about other rights? "It doesn't matter whom you vote for, just vote!" Do they say this for speech? It does not matter what you say, just say it!...until you say something not P.C. Would these people be so pushy if you said you intended to vote for someone who is racist?

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Isn't it so apropos that election time comes near the celebration of ghouls, fiends, evil spirits, and general horror? How fitting!

Isn't it telling that Obama and McCain costumes are selling like hot cakes for a celebration where people dress as menaces, frights, and terror? How telling!

Isn't it impending how soon and widespread this presidential campaign began and has become? That the media-annointed president-to-be Obama has bought 30 minutes of TV time and spends millions and millions for pervasive advertisements on TV, radio, and video games? How difficult his mug is to escape! We can only imagine how invasive this man will be over the next four years. I hope the thousands who have generously donated many dollars to his campaign continue their happy donations and pay more in their taxes for those of us who don't.

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This is my primary question about Barack Obama's proposed tax policy, which involves tax credits for businesses that create jobs. How do they do that? Do they just hire more people and receive a check?

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