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Looking for feedback on document

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Vincent Cate posted on Sat, Sep 18 2010 1:10 AM

I have been writing up stuff that I thought was interesting and related to the current economic mess.  It has gotten a bit long but I really think it has many interesting things that I did not understand a year ago.  I think other Austrian economist types will agree with most of it and still find new stuff.   Also, I have lots of links to other good stuff.   I am looking for any feedback I can get.  Any errors, typos, whatever.


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boniek replied on Sat, Sep 18 2010 6:50 AM

There is nothing wrong with paper money if people choose to use it voluntarily. There is no such thing as sound money if it's supply is monopolized - there was inflation when gold was money too. Anarchy (in ancap sense) does mean no government as in no monopoly over things that government provides - it does not mean no law, no police, no roads, no whatever. Read up more about anarcho-capitalism - you can't dismiss any philosophy in one paragraph especially one you are ignorant of.

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Thanks.   I am a miniarchist but it is not because I am ignorant and it is not without any thought.  For example,  I have jumped in with some anarchist before and had a long discussion:

I still have not seen anything that will stop the "snowballing leech problem".  As gangs get bigger they get more tribute and so more power.  They will defend the perimeter which is easier and easier as they get bigger (circumference of defense vs area of tribute so linear vs squared).

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I am endlessly impressed with how minarchists powerfully marshal their arguments against minarchy.

Where there is no property there is no justice; a proposition as certain as any demonstration in Euclid

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