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    On friendships and resumés


    "As you move forward in life, your available time becomes scarcer and you've
    got to make decisions and establish priorities. These decisions sometime
    hurt other people, but you must move forward and let time heal the other
    person's wounds. Each new or renewed friendship is a seed demanding care and
    you must make room in your life for such care, even at the expense of
    waiving your prior exclusivity toward the wounded."
    rroopstr on August 10, 2009

    "At a given moment your average resumé reader,
    while worrying about a number of his/her own personal issues, gets suddenly
    force-fed with a piece of paper written by any resumé
    writer who claims perpetual activity through dozens of action verbs conjugated
    at a given tense reflecting a partition of time. The collection of these action
    verbs, however, impresses upon the reader an illusion of time permanence, so
    the writer's verbs are processed as adjectives by the reader. Your
    average resumé reader perceives any resumé writer as someone permanently and
    simultaneously agreeable, serviceable, knowledgeable, capable, available,
    convertible, translatable and not much later... exhaustible."
    rroopstr on August 21, 2009