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July 2010 - Posts

It's good that a few things exist
I count among them the Wikileaks. Not that I've used it intensivly, especially not about the war in Afghanistan. But it's because journalism seems to just write as the politicians do. I commented on one extreme example in my other blog (in German). But having wikileaks just shows how we get lied to every day. All the big words about freedom and "serving" the population. It's from nearly everyone just "hot air". Just see the Obama speaks. And then see what comes out of it in the end. People having lived in peace have to go to war,soldiers are sent out of their countries for what? The name it fighting for your freedom. Reallly I'd like to know what the people of Afghanistan have done to threaten your freedom over there in the US or here in the EU. Just because a few fanatics are coming from there. Well how about the diverse criminals sitting in our jails? Strange enough one might ask, how comes that in comparison the US has the most criminals. Maybe the proper place for fighting for your rights is there where you live? I just want to remind you. Obama has limited your freedom by saying yes to the (b)failouts. Obamacare will get a synonym for constitutional inefficiency. But well he'll live on a good pension and wil earn a few thousand dollars for speaking on big or not to big events. Anyway Wikileaks probably will point out where he has lied and betrayed you. Hopefully this will make a difference....
Something worth to be thinking about
Won't you agree, that politicians have a strange kind of understanding about what people can and can't do? In Germany we learned after a referendum about changes in the way schooling has to run. There are a few interesting twarts in Germany. - home schooling is a a no-no (well one family has been granted asylum in the US because of political chase, because they did not wanted to let their children go to school) - another speciality of Germany is a just 4 years long primary school. In Hamburg the CDU/Greens wanted to have 6 years of primary school. They were voted down and lost this case. The four years will be kept. Ok, now what's the point? After this election a discussion has started on how to handle such referendums. And on of the politicians just said (not just anyone but the Chief of the CDU) that people can't be trusted not to choose without emotions. Especially problematic areas should be security and finances. Well this just shows what they think about us. We are hardly able to choose every 4 years our Deledefs, but hey we surely can't be trusted with other questions. They are too complex and we're too emotional and therefor votes could be at random. Well in Germany the parties have way too much power and they get special "care" from the political system. They get something called money for votes. That will say every vote will be paid for xy cent for the party which has won this vote.... And therefor it's clear we should not to anything to constrain the power of the parties. They are the only ones which probably do not decide emotional or whatever. Well this whatever is interesting, at first we have > 1.7 billions of debts, I feel you can't see that as an success. And more intersting that are just the official debts, there must be quite more but this information is not given out. This money is put in dubious shadow budgets. Not official and well nobody knows them all, but the interests surely have to be paid for..... The war in Afghanistan is very doubtful also. And most of us would not have send even one soldier down there. But those which are there are poorly equipped. Whoever has "enjoyed" his time in the German army knows what bureaucracy and beeing underfunded means. Just one example the motorcyled used by dispatch riders are 2 strokes (12.5 PS) and around 50 years or so old..., I guess the whole fleet of vehicls will be between 10-20 years old (on average). So again they send our our people to war and let them alone with equipment which is totally antiquated... But hey they are the only ones with are able for founded votes.....
Democracy or not?
I'm wondering. If Democracy is that great how comes that the EU is undemocratic to the bones? The only people having rights to vote are politicians from the diverse countries, agreed there is an EU parlament, but the laws are suggeste by the EU commisson and those are the diverse ministeres of the countries. As you might know even those can not to controlled during their tenure of office, and well what nobody from our EU population can do is to file a suit against law breaking of their politicians. Fact is the EU countries have overvoted laws they themselves have decided. The result is an astonishing "nothing". So either democracy is a good thing than what hinders politicians to extend democracy? Well let's be honest, the just thing democracy is a good thing, as long as they are voted and then left alone. They promise anything before the vote and break everything with a smile thereafter. Well yes in the end they are just democratic legalized defrauders.... And they use this power to afflict every one..... And laws are arranged that anyone suffers under them but "Politicians". We in Germany have publich health care system and guess who does not fall below it. You just have one guess free.... We have mostly public system about pensions. Guess who has some extra laws regarding their pay-in duration? And guess who gets more than 90% of all Germans during their retirement age. One of our most well known politicians has accepted illegal donations for his party, and guess what he said about it. "I have them my promise not to betray them." Well if it's not a politician he will go to jail for such kind of things. This politician still's member of the parliament. This is also the one who has given up one of the most stable Fiat-money currencies for what? Another stupid and even less rigid fiat-money, and now we have the mess. More debts than ever, hardly bearable and well if one might thing they will pay it back.....
More redistribution = more fairness?
Is that really what's keeping the world spinning? Let as assume that this would be true. Then there could be just one way. Every income (well what worth would it be?) must be 100 % taxed away. And then everyone get's the same amount of "money" and then? You want a car. Well unluckily enough it costs more than you earn in a year. And you can't save for anything. At the end of the year the money will be confiscated. And bad enough even if you buy it at the end of the year .... You got it. It's a contradiction in terms. The word redistribution, just has a meaning if you can say what you like to redistribute. It offers a clear picture of things which are owned by someone. If you don't have anything you can't redistribute anything. So there is a clear edge between, things which one owns and things someone else "owns". Now then there must be a thing which is "higher" than ownership. Because if it is fair to take away from someone, than there must be higher "reasons". Now who will be the judge of this higher reasons? The "Partei" or who else? And it also means it is ok to use force against someone to disappropriate him/her. What's the criterion for this? More gun power? Nuclear weapons or what else? Someone must be the "more superior" and if we accept that some are superior then there would be no reason for one person one vote, the base principle of democracys. So does this redistribution camp talks about abolishing the systems? No in fact they want to live within this system but they also want their reasons to be accepted as superior, in the end they want to profit from other peoples work without risk. How much more distasteful could it get?
"Political" solutions
Now in Germany we're speaking of the "summertime hole". That's saying the politics stops during the holiday season. This time it was world championship season also. And so before going to their not-deserved holiday, they just "solve" something the usual political way. And they make a law, which they said they won't do. And they just will take away more money for keeping their unsustainable "healt-care system" going. The US will learn the hard way that Obamacare is pandora's box. And this will proof to be wrong even in the literal sense. As you might know while opening that box disease sprang into life, it's unbelievable how true this has proved in our "health-care-systems". Just see nearly everyone is "ill" in some way and the disease industry is always hard working (with success) to claim that even more are "ill" and need "therapy". And this more of course has to be paid for. In Germany the irony is that the people who stick in the "lawfull health funds", do never see the costs associated with visitis to the doctor. Now you can imagine how this is treated. Nothing could be too expensive (in theory). Our system is regulated in such bizarre ways that Orwell would have used it as model for this 1984 book (if he had just known it). Anyway it fits the usual political way. "If there is a trouble spot, the answer always has to be mo' politics." And so there are figures for everything. You are allowed to "use up" 5 Minutes for talking to the patien, another minute to do that, 30 seconds for that, you got it. It's burocrats land of plenty.
Gangster among themselves
This time it's "his majesty" Sakozy. He has accepted illegal bribe money. However it was just illegal to that time as he has been major of Paris, since then more than 3 years have gone. And after that bribe money is time-barred. And even it it wasn't it does not make Sarkozy sweat, he enjoys political supported diplomatic immunity. So the laws do not apply to him and those of his kind. The only disadvantage is that people may get a little bit more disappointed from their politicians. But that does not harm them reallly. If now 1 million or 1.2 millions of people don't vote any longer. Who cares? Surely not the deledefs, if there will be a vote of just the politicians themselves, they alway can claim to be "voted". It will get interesting to see what will happen do Sarkozy after his political "live". I guess it will be much more pleasant to him. And again I just can say. "The sooner those political gangster will vanish, the the rest of us". now we have the following cumulativeness. legal, illegal, fu.... illegal, politics
How I dislike politicians
Just another figure which can't be called anything but extreme. The G20 meeting has cost around 800 Million Dollar. Can't you believe that? 19 000 policemen for let's say 2000 deledefs (don't know the real figure) but let us assume there have been 2000 of them so any of them has cost us 800 000 000 / 2000 = 400 000 Dollar. That for let's say a week. What good for was this meeting? Obama wanted to extend Obamacare to everything in the economy and wanted to persuade the others to spend a few trillions again on economics help. Well not that Japan has tried this route for now a decade, and well has not reached anything else but the highest debt quote from any country on this earth. And everytime you just hear mo' money. It's so brain-dead that one just can think of politicians as autisems. They can not think in any normal ways the just can think "more credit, more deficit spending more this more that". No wealth was ever produced by piling up debts over debts, this schemes have a name Ponti schemes. And that is what the deledefs do every year, every month, every day, every hour every second, during their sorry "piss poor" political life-time. I wished they all had to work just 4 weeks really. Let them "feel" the pain they inflict on others, just how much I would love to see Merkel, Sakrozy Obama working on a field and I would really like to see them working with above 30 degrees centigrade... Or simply let them just do all the work on their own which "normal" people have. Let them go shopping, let them feel the "joy" of congestions, give them the pleasure if a 100 km ride from work and bak. Even better let them do it by public transport. Just give them 4 weeks, maybe they will learn... Or let them work for 8 hours on conveyor belt, let them feel the "horror" if they see how their retirement payments go down the drain. All this is still generous of me, I wished them really a time of catostraphy. I just want to see them starve, and maybe they learn....