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May 2013 - Posts

It's slaughthering time again
It's getting a bit annoying. The last few weekends you could rely on a new strike against gold. The old saying is: First time is an accident, the second time it's an inccident, the third time it's enemies at work. It seems the paper gold "market" has left the real market little bit too far behind it. And it seems the try to get the prices lower in the hope that people get rid of their gold. At least this seems to be quite plausible. The problem is that judging from the reality, the price of gold and precious metals should be soaring.
  • The central banks are in money printing mode
  • The states are back in full swing to create jobs through more debts.

You can even see some prices soaring as in the crack-up boom. Bonds are higher than ever, stocks are higher than ever. All with quite bad economic figures, they do earn less and less, but especially banks are emitting new stocks every minute. That means the earning / share are going down.

I have to admit the problem that gold is measured in Fiat-money makes it problematic. I do not loose anything in real "value", the gold just sits there and it happens nothing to it. But during slaughter times one sees the "value" measured in USD going down. That makes you nervous. I've gone through this over and over again and in between I just think. Don't worry. The gold is there in physical form, and it's not yet another prohibition of gold in sight.

But going back to the header, the problem really does not look like fortune any more. And so if you are "forced" to sell you will loose really bad. The gold is gone and you got paper instead and you know this paper is printed in the millions every day.... It's not worth it. Just keep enough in cash to stay afloat and see that you do not can be forced to buy your gold during slaughtering times..

Ride the wave
but be prepared, every party comes to an end eventuallly

We see cheap money working. The stock markets soar, and that means the dangers are getting higher and higher.

You can try to ride the stock inflation wave as long as possible, but be prepared to get burned on your way. Do realize some gains even while the stock seem to know but one direction: up. You can not be surprised that the central banks party this as their "our policy is working" and not "oh shit, we're inflating a bubble". But after hights with no underlying the awakenign will come. Yes try to get as much out of it as you can, but be assured this gains are just gains in trading units. You are not reacher till you have something which "survives" the break-down.

Be assured the break-down comes, it's just the questen when and how it starts. It's sure anyway that it "comes". So enjoy the ride, as long as you can, but fear the crash and or prepare for it.

Well this subsumes why I'm thinking that way: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-05-07/why-america-fell-so-far-%E2%80%A6-so-fast. The writing are at the wall, the debts are there also, and they will get paid in some way... That's as sure as Amen in church.

The road to serfdom reloaded
Well it can' be a suprise to anyone, "The just state" is on it's way.

Now every larger central bank is in full "let's print us out of this mess" mode. Which just shows, the desparation. They print more and expect to "print" debts away. That surely won't work as ever before and never will do. But it means of course that savers must be discriminated against. You need the proper vocabulary to "justify" the state measures and which fits the stupidity of the voters.

You can't say. Let's take it away from a special group.You must argue wiht something like "higher taxes" for the "rich". Which eatself is just an expression of the phrase "eat the rich" but it sounds better it gives you more support from the looters. And that's what every totalitarian state justs loves. You must get the support from larger parts of the voting population, then y you have best chances to establish kind of thouhgt police.

You can really watch it here in Germany in all it's glory. The greens go into the next election with. "More taxes = more justice" . In Germany the voters of greens are not poor, they are those which get's paid from our state their whole life. So ever expanding government fits them. They control large parts of the "thoughts" of journalists and have the majority in schooles. And there we go. The are are against capitalism and they succeed, because enough see the capitalists as evil itself. That's brain washing, and it works really good here in Germany.

So what?
Dear Mr President tolds us. that Guantanamo
  • does not work against terrorism
  • is expensive
  • and damages the reputation of the US

Well that it's against and civil and human rights. No word. So you can draw your own conclusion. Word are cheap and Presidents natural liars.