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April 2010 - Posts

from Greece is in free fall. Now it's Junk-bond status. The interest has risen to above 10%. Well Greeks the EUR is just "paper" money. So there's always the "solutio" of hyperinflation. Unfortunatly you are not alone with the EUR. So you are a bit more lucky this time, Politicians can't get away that easy as usual. Now start thinking. Wouldn't it be good to get rid of your Politicans ans Buerocrats. Just one quater is working for the governement so 75% are "not" working for the the governement. How about getting this figure a bit higher. I guess 95% not working for governement should be more than sufficient... I propose that after getting rid of them, you see that you get corruption in the governement banned. Let them earn their money, don't allow them to black-mail you any longer. See that you get rid of most of your military stuff also, and get back to the ostracism. And revive. If you follow your current "stuff", well be prepared for really hard times
Don't make contracts with the EU
they will not served. the EU will pay for the debts of Greece: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/8508688.stm needless to say: http://dejure.org/gesetze/AEUV/126.html and http://dejure.org/gesetze/AEUV/125.html Now a giant new lie is done. Don't count on the fact that you have written contracts. If it pleases the EU politicians you can do whatever you like with it...
I posted on my outside Mises log. about good news and bad news. The good news a lot of politician get stuck, unfortunatly this was a state they won't stay in a bit longer. However they came back and now what's the discussion: "Subsidies for carriers". I posted this before the talked about it at: http://fdominicus.blogspot.com/2010/04/schlechte-nachrichten.html Well I never ever go any pay-back for flights and I had to pay for my tickets. Now I have to pay for non-existant tickets. The profits are somwhere in the carrier itself and/ar at their stockholders. Now I have to bear the losses also, another step on our way to "privatize" profits and nationalize losses. I can not understand this sort of economical suicide. Why couldn't the carriers setup reserves? Why am I supposed to pay for every larger corporation getting into trouble?
The root of all evil

I'd come more an more to the conclusion that politicians are the root of nearly all evil.

Or Gooddoers like our churces which there impertinents insisting that all men are in principal evil. From where does this sin believing come?

How comes that politician do not see the bad things they do? How comes  that burocrats  insist that the only way to  more "justice" is´
yet another layer of buroaucrats? All  experiments to educate the "new better men" have failed. All experiments with socialism have failed...

But  over and over again it's tried to proof this wrong. Is it really the case that we men think that we know what's better for our fellow man. Why do people claim that the fantastic
successes of free trade are just "by accident"? Can anyone tell me why I should trust federal authorities to not harm me? How many men have died becaue of the most
obscure reaons like, racial superiority, intelligence or whatever. Do we men enjoy harming others?

How comes that people over and over again, claim "liberalism can not work",  dispite the outcomes of "more liberal times"?



How long will the EUR persist

Even frauds, are not a reason to throw out the defrauders. So the questions about help for those breaking all rules, are answered.

The politicians do not care a bit. If they steal, they name it taxes, if the do black-mailing it's helping EU partners. If it's burning money, then they all  are there
every counter but one has debts over debts and nothing more. And then they'll go for another round of "stealing". 


You don't believe me? well check:

Artikel 125, Artikel 126 AEUV and you'll see what they are doing.

I was once proud of  a few things in Germany, now I'm loosing the laste respect for anything....

Liberalism on it's way out?

Well it seems Liberals will see tough times in the near future, till it will turn  out that
they got it right. Let's wait which country bankruptcy will be the tombstone of this ever progressing socialism.

Now it will  get interesting for  Greece, Portugal, Spain and maybe Italy (funny enough they name them  PIGS) in the EU. Very unfair to our
4 -feeted giving bacon, cotelettes etc animals. Fair enough Greece would prefer a EU solution will say countries which did it better (not right) will have to
bear those who used FUD. That's really progress, at first the banks did black-mailing and now the governements follow. Suprise factor is not very high, isnt it?

What also  will happen  in just a month the "civil" (well they call them themselves "civil" ) majority will  face a serious loose of one country (one of the bigges in Germany NRW).
And one of the biggest looser will be the ex "free" democratic party (FDP), which has say goodby to freedom at least nearly two years ago. There is  nothing to replace them.

And so the liberals will get marginalized. They will be the margin then which will stand between starving to death and live. And they'll see a revival, when people start anew. But the Hydra
of Buraucracy and "governement" will just be temporary suspended. If it's getting better and better they will raise their ugly head again. And  another round of stealing, black-mailing etc will take place.

Man may be intelligent or at least can act intelligent, and is able to learn, men .... well it seems let's have some mass and intelligence will flee.