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February 2013 - Posts

A good thing from elections
Well I guess it was not intended but it seems Italy has no way of having a clear majority. That's good news for the Italians and even other citizens of the EU. (BTW you can play funny games with EU in German, because un- can be used to make everything the opposite. e.g gut -> good ungut -> bad) I guess you have something similiar, so use it. It really is interesting how fine you can define EU in those terms.

Anyway lets get back to the election. Now having not majority is a bad thing for democracy because you all know democracy is in the end just the incarnation of suppression of minorities through majorities. What does it mean for Italy. Well, they will have hard times to introduce new laws. And these times no new laws just means good news for us.

In the EU we have raped justice and only have laws left. Many of the later laws are not there to support civil rights but to support the (mostly wrong) doings of state supporters. E.g the most prominent example are the killing lists of you president. That's the licence to kill without any questions. That's everything but just

It's nearly the same in the EC countries, and so having no majority really means not getting less free by the day.... I know this state will not last, because in the end Politiciens want to rule, that's when it gets worse for us. It's simple but unfortunatly true...

Krugman's stupidity in just one Sentence:
Now that Italy, seems to be without "Führer".

Krugman knows what do do about it all: Just print IOYs (they have the funky name Dollar in the US, and Euro in the EU)

Anyway Central banks can print paper, but not wealth

Let's go out
for another kill.

The US send a drone into Niger. So let's party: "It's state killing time again". Everything will be good (tm)

What do these bastards think, they are allowed to harm whomever they like?

Will the citizen ever fight back? Or will he just say: "It had/will hit the "right ones""? What's about some proud about the constituion? Nothing left, just see that you do fine with your state?

Well done
Congratulations to some horse sense:


If you do not do anything to get your right back you will be without any right very soon

But don't let stupidity get all the rest of you: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-19/president-obama-sermonize-unspeakable-sequester-evil-live-webcast But I do not really know if I feel sorry for you. You voted again for dear Mr (Fud)/Presi)dent Obama. Maybe sometines one really gets what one deserves....

Tell it like it is

States are always a problem and it's danger is proportianl to it's size. The bigger the more dangerous this beast is and gets.

AFAIKT free killing and killing lists were not used during MCCarthism. But now in the "most free" time and with capitalism the winner over "socialism" this lists do exist. And the states do find always enough to support the oppression through states. Just see all the NGOs and the new religion of man made climate change (well it must correctly be named man "made world heating".

If its too hot it's due to climate change is it too cold it's also due to heating. Because you know the heat will not raise everywhere and there will be places where it will get even colder And you know nature is not prepared for balance, You know between areas of heat and areas of cold there is a "barrier" nothing can get over it. And so the heat get even hotter and the cold just colder. And do not even dare to think the sun could have any influence. You know we the 7 billion men are the "heater". The sun ist just there for getting us a day/night circle.

And government is but one thing the buereacrats can not have enough from. You know if the oppression is not complete there's always room for more laws, and more law breaking. You can easily tell how "good" a country is while looking at their laws and the growth of laws. The more laws the more unfair it gets. And the faster the growth the higher the rate of law breaking from states. I guess the US is currently in the top 10 % of it's law growth. That means the times get much worse....

Read this you central banker, politicians

You have no clue and you just like to get us under your control. You talk about external problems like terrorism to just sidetrack us from your wrong doings. Your manipulation, you lies. If there is but on thing to blame for our current problems it's you the central banks and the trust of governments

I hope you get one day what you like to put on us. Feel Poverty, feel desparation, feel the fear of deah in some war you started.

Now is the time
Dear Mr President Obama is second (nearly) to none in my eyes now.

He started with a heavy suspect from my side that it will get worse. You can check this blog on when I warned first against this "President". After the vote he climbs up my list of the worst presidents ever. He has lied about Guantanamo.

During the time of this regentship he has introduced socialism to the US Americans. Then he decided to give himself and his gofers a licence to kill whomever he of hit gang deemed to get killed. And now his "big" speech. The way into socialiasm is perfected. In my opinion he will even beat Roosevelt whith this interference with banks, markets etc. But we still do not have the WWC II. I'm sure we are on our way and the food stamp getters seem to imply that to me.

I'm not a particular fan of weapons, but Obamas moves are christal clear. He wants to disarm everyone not "part of the government". That just means he wants to get aways with whatever opression he likes without ever getting questioned.

Now Obama is on the second place of the worst presidents (maybe third) because I'm not fully sure whom I really should place in front. But the biggest gangster for me those having worked to establish the FED and it's predecessors. Anyway nobody has questioned this FED decision since then and that's the biggest malus I see. Taking away money from the people is the same as slavery.

Let's name the crimes this Obama supported:

  • "ObamaCare"
  • Guantanamo still is working
  • free killing with a killing list and without any regard to civil rights
  • highest new debt rate ever of the USA

It's hard to think of a worse (next) president. But I've to be cautious, I was thinking one day the US-Americans must get again a worthwhile president., But it hardly got better anytime a new president was elected since at least the last 50 years....

The upcoming CIA chief
you can subsume it' s attitude easily

It's good to let us kill whomever we like

It's now just "waiting" time. The day a US-Citizen get's killed because of an fault an error or just "for fun". Of course with the best intentions. The soldier on the buttons will just here: "Kill xy, he's a terrorist, we do not have another choice". He will use the machine to kill. Everything is fine. Or not well if it will turn out to be wrong, who do you think will get the punishment?

US-Americans, don't give up on your weapons, you'll need them disparately soon.

without the possibility to prove that one is not.


USA gets more fascists by the day. So beware of the authorities, is all that is left. Don't ask, we won't tell. Get killed, we won't telll, We are right by definition and you are a terrorist if we declare you to be one.

Remember the comments I made about dear Mr President. And now it's the time. Obama nearly leads all the worst presidents ever. He is a liar, a murder and anything else bad in between. Terror your name is government...

civil rights, all gone. That's not a shame it a crime without precedent in the US History (maybe not fully I'm not sure if the McCartthismus was as far)

This blog has recommended
not that early as this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-05/guest-post-how-i-reached-my-breaking-point-ten-years-ago

But still since the start of the blog I've warned. This was based on what I though and what I learned reading the books of austrian economics.

I pointed out what will happen and as you can see it was kind of easy guessing. The base is always, action = reaction and the more power is used to "steer" the higher the resitence to follow will get. There is but one problem. States do have the weapons, always there's no exception. You can hardly argue about your "rights" in front of the point of a gund. That's the advantage states do have. They have not but just one weapon but billions of them against you. And they have no problem to use it against any thread.

If you think you do have "civil rights" think again. States at their end do not bother about that. The zerohedge commentator just is a proof. If you think states do not lie to you, you either are paid from states of you are absolutly clueless.

It comes how it has to come
Well I suggest to look through this blog about Argentina, Brasil etc. and you stumble upon it in every second entry, money printing.

Argentina has seized some private owned company 1-2 years ago and now we got this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-04/argentina-freezes-supermarket-prices-halt-soaring-inflation-chaos-follow

Argentina has stolen big last time in the 90ies and defaulted on their private debt but served their debts to the IMF. Well the middle class was massively decimated during that time And now we see it's not "enough". Well it's alway not enough for the socialists all over the world. And over and over again the faults are repeated. Now price control That means, "black" markets will come into existence (in realtity that's the only market where you will be able to buy food. It's clear they won't use whatever paper currency Argentina currently will use. I guess greenbacks and good ole silver and gold will do.

The supermarkets will close down and the offered goods will vanish like snow in the sun. Feel free to read about my predictions and you'll see it was even possible to see for me what will come along. It's clear that the markets will see runs. Because people know their currency is down the drain and will try to survive. I guess it will not take long that cars won't get filled up any more (Remember they seized a Spanish corporation in the fuel industry) and people will start to roam the land and city to get anything of worth, which they can use for "deals".

And now that they start with it it's clear they won't stop till all breaks down. That's the socialists way. Promise paid for by those being able to be productive, strangle them and then the break down. So I guess in 3-5 years it might be worse to get land in Argentina. Or something else. It's clear you will have to defend your land and property yourself. The state will be the biggest robber. And if you believe the courts will step in, well than you really have not learned anything. The courts always cover the wrong doing of the executive. Just to remind you of the "Volksgerichtshof", they covered the Nazis up to the end. So you can beat the Argentinian courts will do the same.

I'm terrible sorry for the Argentinians, but they should not believe the promises of socialists. Just private ownership, and savings can make you rich. Everything else is a big plain lie.

Impossible to bear/accept
What's up with you US citizens?

"The detention sections of the NDAA begin by "affirm[ing]" that the authority of the President under the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists (AUMF), a joint resolution passed in the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, includes the power to detain, via the Armed Forces, any person (including a U.S. citizen[13][21]) "who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners", and anyone who commits a "belligerent act" against the U.S. or its coalition allies in aid of such enemy forces, under the law of war, "without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]". The text authorizes trial by military tribunal, or "transfer to the custody or control of the person's country of origin", or transfer to "any other foreign country, or any other foreign entity".[22]"

Why don't you go out and burn your constitution? Why do you let take them away the last piece of your dignity. What's the hell is up with you. Have you forgotten: How capitalism saved america?

It's not big government which makes for a good life It's just big government which makes good life for cadgers.

Is that what you want to have?

Don't you think it's time to get back your freedom?