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December 2012 - Posts

Will laws ever be judged?
I wonder how many laws ever will be questioned and/or their success judged.

If we assume that in the USA the automatic loading weapons will be forbidden. Will this law be questioned on the next run of murder?

Or will the following happen. The next murder will kill let's say a shot gun. Would you expect that the law about the automatic weapons will be questioned, or will the law get harsher and forbid shot guns? If in the end all weapons will be forbidden, who will stop the murders then? Police? Military?

If the police will get more and more "rights" (well or will be less and less be jailed for abuse of criminals) who will stop the police then? You tell me it won't happen. Then explain the secret offices of the CIA and Guantanamo to me. Explains to me how it can be lawful to torture.

Another thing, why don't laws have a pre determined existence time. And before the law is put into action, it is defined what a success of a law means. If this goal is not met the law must be abolished. Another question. Are the laws about weapons covered by the countries? If yes why can't every country solve this in their own way. Why does it need a federal law? If that is not the case why don't they try

  • harsh weapon laws
  • requirement of all the teacher to keep a weapon readily available, like e.g Israel has done

A second to last question from my side. In Switzerland a lot of households have a weapon in their closets. And I can´t remember having read about a amok in schools of Switzerland. So why does it work for the Swiss and should not work of the North Americans?

And now to my last question. What will happen if all the forces are in the hand of a state. Who saves the people then?

Those things happen
If you just have paper money with inflation and crony capitalism: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-18/chart-day-death-americas-middle-class

If you think why does it happen despite so much surveillance: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2012-12-18/big-brother-spying-didn%E2%80%99t-stop-connecticut-school-shooter-%E2%80%A6-or-911

Then you just see something in the default state of not being able to work. Government can not work if everyone is a suspect and if nobody can count on not getting more poor by the day. All this explosion of high incomes would not happen in a world without credit-money. People would have to "earn" their money. So they are just "getting it".

You do want less poverty. Then stop burning money for states, the military, the diverse agencies. Flat you tax to something at 10 % and let the people care for themselves.

It’s just show time
well or you can name is political theatre time.

If it wouldn’t be so serious one could sit back and enjoy the show. Anyway the US democrats and republicans will simply raise the debt barrier again and so the so called fiscal cliff will just vanish like snow in the sun.

Nothing will change, the fact that the USA is bankrupt. Not just in the tight sense of having nothing more but debts. But even in moral standards. The wars are unjust, the surveillance against the civil rights. The FED is an illegal construction and the green-buck with being backed up by something like gold or solver a sham.

So the system will break down. We do not know when and how. But it’s now unavoidable. The US with just 5% of the world population just stands for 42 % of all the NEW DEBTS. And every year now there is a deficit beyond 1.2 trillions (Yes I got that figures right).

So what we see is the last and biggest credit expansion ever. There’s nothing but too much money, and it helps the defrauders to expropriate those which still do have something of some value. The payments for the bank workers have nothing to do with fair payments. It just shows the owner have not way on stopping this Bankster. The bankster also have the advantage of the politicians on their side. (Who else should take the new debts) and the worst problem is absolute central the central bank FED. She will got down the drain and take the state with her.

Maybe the citizens will keep away the power of the parties. But chances of that are slim…. Maybe the go back to the core of the constituion, because one thing is for sure, the Deldefs and bureaucrats have broken it…

Three things a state should not do
It's not that difficult to write down but impossible to follow for "politicians"
  • manipulation of offers
  • manipulation of demand
  • control a countries money
  • Well you might think how could that be true. Well the point if if you do not let the people decide and work for themselves. Then nobody will know what the people really want. And always any of the above points leads to higher prices. There is not escape. If you forbid something, the alternatives are more expensive.

    You may ask what of the above points it the worst. Well you can't tell really. If you can escape the manipulation of an offer, you might reach your goal on a different way. You can see this e.g with the demise of the light bulbs. They are "forbidden" you can use some "energy saving alternatives". Well they are around 10 time as expensive as the old light bulb. But you can "escape"

    For the second in Germany we have an excellent example. The renewable energies. Well they are subsided and the alternatives are highly taxed. So you can bet the prices will raise and indeed we have some of the highest raises in prices the coming year. It can't surprise anyone just able to add 1 and 1, but it's impossible to accept for deledefs.

    As you can see currently the fiat-paper monopolies lead to catastrophes. The people are getting more indebted every second. That can't work and it will break down complete economies.

    If you really do not believe that you should check history. You'll see in some way or the other the authorities have broken the above rules. You can do that in the beginning with very less implications, see e.g starting collecting debts for the state budget. The debts were so tiny that, it really does not hurt. But then the debts piled up. And now even a normal interest rate would not be bearable for quite a few countries, among them the USA. And so the FED prints money faster and faster. Anyway you can not get heat out of a compression with more compression. We are coming to a natural end of the manipulations. Countries do break down regularly it's just that in the near past countries broke down which haven't such a big economy as e.g the USA or EU. You see how problematic the break down of Greece really is. Not even 2% of the BIP of the EU countries, and it will tear apart the EU (in the end)

    This just because the money system is not really a money system but a credit system. People have bear interest for freshly created money. That can't work also, as we know from the Austrian school economists.

    And you can also see that one manipulation just enforces the next. And so we are in a spiral of regulations, which no-one can oversee any more. So the criminalization is just growing. Everyone is a suspect of being a terrorist in the US. The financial authorities do not stop for black-mailing or anything. If you are a US-citizen you all you accounts must be published to this gangster. That's a thing which an not work in the long run.

    Germany party votes
    Dear reader, you have meant that the figures for communists leader were high, you could learn the last week, that they are just amateurs.

    The CDU party member (only the invited) have voted for Merkel with around 98 %.

    The SPD has voted for around 94 % for Steinbrück

    So you learn the "hard" way. The party is always "right" and the head of the party is the party. That's the ugly truth.

    Merkel and Steinbrück are will now be the "choice". Well if if you are asked:"Do you want to get hanged or shot?". And that's named a "choice".....

    Greece again X
    I guess this will get an ever-green in this Blog.

    A few days ago it was again "next payday". This time the program is "really" nice. EU has given Greece money to buy back their own bonds. Well that has a kind of new factor in it. The Greek debts were issued as usually with 100 % and now it's somewhere between 20 - 40 %. So not it's cheap for the Greek to buy back their bonds.

    I proposed to make a business out of it. We Germans buy Greek bonds issued once for 100 % for let's say 40%. We sell them to France for just 30 %, and the French sell it back to the Greek fo 20 % then it's the Germany or whomever else and just one time thereafter the debts are gone. Isn't this marvelous?

    Really the last debt cut has cost the private holders dearly and now it's again payday. So whomever thought and things Greece bonds are a great idea should be force to buy them again. At least should they have to pay as much as the Greek state for that . And this time it had to be their own money. Let's wait and see how they like it to see the value go down the drain.