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Count the many measures

of dear Mr President.

Slapped because of his anti-weapon war. Solved with selling more weapons http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-04-20/obama-sell-10-billion-weapons-israel-saudi-arabia-and-uae

Costs to bring down one terrorist: 1 Billion.

So tell me about the countless measure there are. What's up with the deledefs? They are running amok themselves.

Italies fine time has not come to an end. A 87 year old, working for how long now for the government, should get Italy on some track? So where? Nowhere land? Grillo is now put more an more in the facists edge. Does it deserve it? Isn't it that we are overtaken by soicio facists, since at least now 5 years.

Who remembers TARP, the program that should have healed it all? And how much was done since then?