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Looking for best suited jobs for you?

Well I care about your wishes. And so I try to make "worthwhile" suggestions.Today I want to look into jobs for Morons or Perverted.

One might thing there is not place for them, but you are wrong. The most moronic and perverted jobs can be found while "serving" the government (sorry it should be "the public"). And because of ever expanding government we get more and more jobs for morons.

If you want just jobs it help not just to be stupid but to be ruthless. If you have a preference for killing other people you should serve in the armed forces. The armed forces in of the US, are alway somewhere out for a kill. So feel free to start there.

If you prefer not to get killed while out for killing you should serve in the public services. A good area to look for influence is in the area of tutelage. You can get your hands on the complete life of someone else, and you even get paid for it. So go for it.

Another very good area for sadists are the FBI and CIA. If you have a faible for torture join the CIA and ask for getting a job at Guantanamo. There you have it, helpless and people without rights. A lot of fire arms around you and you do not even have to care if you do torture. It's especially asked for, and because it's against terrorism it's to add merits to your country.

If you have a distaste for direct physical torture, ask for a job in the ministry of finances. There you can work on stealing others people money and this stealing is "lordly". The state even has it's own word for it: tax.

If you want to the highest chief, run for president. You get cover from everything. You want to get hands on a woman, well ask the CIA how they did for JFK. They offer really good "adult" services.

That's it for today. Come back and get other jobs suggestions for the scums of menkind.