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My 7th Prediction

I cite from myself

"This leads to my last prediction. We will hear more often the Phrase (it's as all just a word we have for that in German "alternativlos" (you can roughly translate it as "we have no choice", unparalleled, the one and only choice) . If it comes to more control they will probably not name it as such. It will be "laws against speculation", "program-to-enhance-competion", "law-for-equal-opportunities" or such but in fact it means. "We are right, you have to comply or we bring you to jail! (7 th Prediction)"

You can see the action in cypress as an example of what may happen. Theft is ok if it's for a "greater" good and our Bundeskanzlerin even find this the "right way" (you have able to read german to find and understand it e.g on: http://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2013/03/18/merkel-zwangs-abgabe-in-zypern-ist-ein-guter-schritt/

Rights there you go, abolished "democratic parties"...