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You know the difference
Today a half philosophical discussion. I just want to lead you into two different situations. a) visiting a market b) visiting a public authority Just one first question. Which one do you prefer to visit? Second question do you have an idea why? Well...
Do you like Thriller?
With an open end? Or are a fan of horror movies? Now I've found something for you: http://wallstreetpit.com/13428-total-us-savings-rate-lowest-in-recorded-history Do you feel the cold of death? Or do you fell hells heat? Well whatever it is pray that...
good-doers revealed
Now this was not unique but at least a nice statement of good-doers. In Germany there are quite a few limits on gambling. In fact there is a kind of monopoly on it for the governement. Now the EU has judged, that this does not conform to EU law. First...