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Greece again X
I guess this will get an ever-green in this Blog. A few days ago it was again "next payday". This time the program is "really" nice. EU has given Greece money to buy back their own bonds. Well that has a kind of new factor in it. The...
What else but shaking head
is left to do? I really can't tell the EU is in "printing mode" as is Japan, the US , China. All are trying to print money as fast as they can to "ease" exports. Well guys I suggest you check WWKI. The same was done there and it...
Obama it's getting worse
If you have read hear just a few articles you know that I think Obama should not be president. Now he gave a talk about the "Future of the US" and there he mentiones something like egoistic money jugglers. Well it's not the egoists I'm...
No way out
of fractional reserve according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full-reserve_banking What a mess, e-gold is under massivly attack. Great this monopolies aren't they?