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2010 from a liberal point of view
Well now this year is nearly done. Let's see what has happened with freedom and responsibility. 1) Obama has got his Obamacare which means force and new bureaucratic hurdles. Shell will be saved by politics... So by all liberal means, this just means...
How long will the EUR persist
Even frauds, are not a reason to throw out the defrauders. So the questions about help for those breaking all rules, are answered. The politicians do not care a bit. If they steal, they name it taxes, if the do black-mailing it's helping EU partners...
Politicians again (again in Germany also)
what suprise. A German who wrote about German (In)Politicians. Another round of impertinence. Now I don't know what fuel prices are in other countries, I just know them from France and Germany, and especially for Germany ;-). Ok now let's see...
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